the list of 2015 :: play. practice. self love.

i’ve been making my year list using the front page of my daily living workbook. my plans for play, self care, and wonder will be here before everything. before january dates fill up.  before my eyes as i open my workbook calendar.  first and foremost. #theartofdailyliving

i need to sink into the spaces of self care.  the spaces that bring wholeness and rest.  the spaces that fill me up when i feel my own parched thirst.  my body needs to move.  my mind needs to rest.  i want to read books that i drink in.

like so many parents to young children, i attend to my sweet cora with great care, often forgetting myself.  many a day i’ve realized i missed eating lunch or drinking water.  once aware, i make certain to have the water bottle near.  it’s all about noticing and making space to notice.  practicing awareness.  opening myself to awareness.

today.  today i open myself to awareness and play.  i continue to make my list of 2015.  the list will hold habits of self care and plans to play and move my body. the excitement continues.  we must care for ourselves so that we care for others.  yes.  truths known in my head. time to know through practice.


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