The Mindfulness Summit

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The Mindfulness Summit has been streaming into my inbox each day with gentle reminders to pause and listen.  i’m following some of those into new spaces of awareness and want to invite you to do the same.  it’s a simple invitation, one that i hope you’ll find with a tingling awareness of delight and excitement.  saying yes to stillness. yes to investing in yourself as you listen.  yes to this being exactly what you need in this moment.  big, worthy stuff, lovely.

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ain’t that the truth?  my mind is so full of thoughts.  thoughts that linger as i rehearse past conversations, thoughts of the lists, lists of lists, and worries.  anxieties are greater when my mind is cramped.  when i pause and see the thoughts for what they are – thoughts, i can then move into a greater awareness of what is before me, what surrounds me, and who i want to be in the moment.  myself.

FB Summit-Quote-04

i have found this to be so incredibly true.  this past summer our family spent most of a week away from cell phone signals and internet and screens.  i LOVED the experience, after getting over the initial shock of how often my body yearned to check the phone for emails, sales, and requests.  once my mind quieted, i could listen to the deeper rhythms and sounds around me.  sounds of water, wind, wild life.  then i could live the wild live yearning to stretch, sew, be.  we all find a better connection when we connect to our inner life, when we say yes, please. yes, this.

yes. yes. yes.


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