jen is whole and healed. ((while living with cancer.))

jen is whole and healed, living with great strength and joy.  those are the words that the dearest jen stevens, a professional doula, gorgeous soul, mama and wife said as news spread of her pancreatic cancer.

jen wanted her friends and those near and dear to share in the hope, strength, and courage.  she is whole and healed.  she is not undone.  she isn’t broken.  she’s jen. beautiful, loving, creative, selfless jen.  so we do what we do.  patience spread hearts of love.  i made art.  others did their thing, and in doing so we’ve started circling around this beautiful woman.  our circling is near and far.  in hope.  in word.  in deed.  as we light candles, place stickers, do acts of compassion and kindness.  the light holds us, too, as we desire to heal.  we want every cancer cell to shrivel and die.  we want jen to have the fullness of life in each breath.  may it be so.


you’re invited to the party, too.  i’m participating in a fundraiser for our doula at cora’s birth :: Jen is a gorgeous soul, one who sees inside and knows you, holding you in such love.  you can light a candle or grab some stickers here.  each who even looks at these sends a bit of hope, love, and good energy her way.

the fundraiser here is sending 1. love/blessings/hope/prayers through the light and 2. sending funds to her family in support of the needs of these days.

i’m also holding others who are living with cancer and chronic illness on a paper chain around my candle for Jen.  if you want me to hold you or a loved one in the light, please share your name(s) with me.  xo.


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