Everything has a deep dream by Rachel Naomi Remen

Everything has a deep dream

I’ve spent many years learning how to fix life, only to discover at the end of the day that life is not broken.

There is a hidden seed of greater wholeness in everyone and everything. 
We serve life best when we water it and befriend it. When we listen before we act. 

In befriending life, we do not make things happen according to our own design.

We uncover something that is already happening in us and around us and create conditions that enable it.

Everything is moving toward its place of wholeness always struggling against odds.

Everything has a deep dream of itself and its fulfillment.

by Rachel Naomi Remen


this poem is one of my favorites.  it’s tucked into my pocket, in books, in bags.  i’ve shared it with folks when i feel it’s the right moment to do so, which has been in all the places and spaces of my table gatherings through this winter season.  her words pour over my head like oil.  the anointing of blessing washes over me.  i trust that you, too, feel the love poured onto your head and the truths wash over you.  her words are wisdom.  wisdom that we need to remind ourselves of time and again.

you should read rachel’s books ((or listen to her audiobooks)) if you haven’t already.  Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings can be found through her lovely site.   i’ve read each and carry a couple of her essays in my pocket, too.  it’s time to re-read, too, or maybe listen to rachel through her voice, as i’ll be listening to her recorded and shared teleconferences & videos ((also on her site)) over the coming months. she’s such a gift.



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