What we most need.


breathe in.  giving yourself what you most need.

breathe out.  release what you carry that no longer serves you.

These words have become a near-requirement for the guided imagery meditations i lead.  one of the tribe who gathers said that she can finally let go once she’s heard these words.

I repeat this mantra on a regular basis.  So often we’re receiving words, touches, energy that is unwelcome.  Often our own thoughts churn and swirl, carrying us into a dizzying whirlpool.

In many of my gatherings, I’ll often hear “but I don’t know what I most need” and I can relate.  Sometimes what we most need is the breath itself.  Taking the deep breath into our bodies, stilling and slowing our pace.  Making room for that life-giving air.

When I find myself overly anxious or caught in my thought whirlpool, I breathe in.  And breathe out.   Repeating those breaths for 4 or 5 seconds on repeat 4 or 5 or 25 times.  Whatever is most needed in that moment.

By taking the time to ask myself what is most needed, I become more attune to my needs just as I am of the needs around me.  If you’re anything like me, the needs of everyone around me catch my attention and I put myself on hold.  And if you’re aware, you know that does not properly serve life around you.  Caring for our bodies, our minds, and our inner lives is so important, especially in the climate of anxiety and uncertainty.  And when isn’t there a climate of anxiety and uncertainty?

So today, I breathe in. breathing in the light that flows from the sun.  breathing in the smell of fresh flowers.  breathing in the soil as i ground my feet.  And I breathe out. breathing out the distasteful comments heard.  breathing out fear. breathing out the questions that do not need to be asked.  A

And I go about my day.  What we most need is often right in front of us, and most often we know what that is – whatever it is.  Yet we keep it near, in some reserved space for later or when we have more time.  The time is now to breathe in. breathe out. and give yourself what you most need.

Lunch – because, how many of us find ourselves working through?
Water – yes. water.  so simple and wonderful for our daily health.
Steps – moving our bodies in all the forms.
Sitting meditation – yes. yes.
Playing – using our bodies and minds to find delight and joy.

Wherever you find yourself in this moment.  I invite you to deepen your awareness of this moment by breathing deeply and giving yourself what you most need.  xo.


One thought on “What we most need.

  1. So glad this arrived in my inbox this morning…. thank you for sharing. Breathing…Jennifer 🙂



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