soul care becomes soul work becomes ministry.

i make art as soul care.

Creating is as natural and necessary as breathing.  There maybe tears mixed with watercolors on a few, too. My soul care always moves into my work in the etsy shop. Shen i hear stories of connection, how the art translates into courage, hope, bravery, support, healing, love, action in the hands and on the walls of others, my soul care becomes soul work and we become connected through it all. My art is my ministry and your use of my art/soul work/ministry becomes your soul care/soul work/ministry, too.

we heal one another.

Healing begins as I pick up my pen, pencil, brush, allow my soul to stir on the page. Then the courageous act of sharing what I’ve put down on paper and boldness to believe you’ll use my soul work well in daily living. My art is act of necessity as i process my own grief and delight, hope and courage.

my art creates space for ritual and rest. healing and wholeness.  

Temporary tattoos become bodily badges of self love and self care and mighty declarations.  Candles hold a flickering flame of hope, courage, and intercession.  Sacred strikes help us to pick up a match, strike in celebration or release.  Art with wise words call our attention toward living a whole life, honoring who we are and what we have to offer the world around us.

we are living whole. 

We are called to be a people of wholeness, living not only for ourselves, but in community.  Whole living for me includes each of you.  Whole living includes honoring rest for my chronic fatigue, showing up with what energy I have to offer, and being present to those who show up with me.

gathering is ministry. 

Today I will gather with some beautiful women around the table.  We will see each other and be seen.  We will celebrate life and beauty, grieve,  and be.  It’s soul work to create together in such community.  It’s whole living with open hearts.  It’s a sacred tablescape of love, learning, and support as we minister to one another.



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