a living liturgy for 2017.


Each month of 2017, I’m choosing to reflect on one word and a piece of wisdom around that word.  These words and wisdom were woven into the 2017 Monthly Calendar (paper sold out, digital available in the shop).  It’s a living liturgy for 2017.  My movements, pondering, and prayers land in the spaces and curves of these words.

January is all about refuge.  Create spaces of safety and trust.  Cozy comfort and safe space to be the you you’re created to be.  Comfort and safety within.  Space that surrounds.  Micro and Macro.

Refuge helps me to think of others as well as the cozy comforts of home.  My home is a safe place, though not all of my homes have felt safe all of the time.  Home expands as I think about those who are Home for me – my wider refuge of shelter.   My thoughts and prayers continue through the month and I record them in my journal.

A few of my pondered hopes I pray these January days ::

Let us create refuge for one another.
Let us create spaces of safety and trust.
Let my home be a refuge of safety and trust.


I cannot help but have the It is in the shelter of one another that the people live.  -Irish Proverb running through my mind like a song.  My dear friend and public theologian Jayme Reaves shared this proverb with me long ago.  I’ve put it on canvas and paper.  I’ve let the words flow through my mind and listened to them roll off the tongue.

We all need shelter.  Shelter from the storms of life.  Shelter to share a meal.  Shelter to share life’s celebrations.  January I’m taking refuge from hate and vitriol.  There’s so much to take shelter from, and also many to provide shelter to.  Prayers for those who feel unsafe, unwelcome, and distrust.  Prayers continue in the form of lighting the candle, lifting voice, and sending energy.  Prayers through steps in my diverse neighborhood and greater world Home.

Y’all.  Words and actions can be Shelter and the storm.  Anxiety is raised. Love and Hate are real life truths.  Let’s speak in love and create spaces of comfort and trust where we can have honest, open conversations.  Let’s name the pain and heal through the spaces we create together. Let’s be kindness and love.  Let’s Be Love for one another, even when our lights are dim and our heads are spinning.  Let’s take refuge in spaces of love that are our own making.


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