Gifts for Your Favorite Grad

It’s always good to show love and care.  These are a few of my favorite art prints that show love and care to the world and to those who receive them.  Here are my favorites as gifts for your favorite grad this year. These could also work for your favorite teacher, minister, or dad, too.

all good things

All good things are wild and free.

You are so well loved

You are so well loved.

For you shall go out in joy

For you shall go out in joy.

You’re going places. A state to mark where they’ve been or where they’re headed. 



One thought on “Gifts for Your Favorite Grad

  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Do you have studio hours either today or tomorrow that one could come and look around and potentially buy? Chloe was considering something for a friend or two and has now come to the end of the line with timing and I thought I’d check to see if your shop might still be a possibility for her. If not, no worries, she will sort something else out! 🙂


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