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suzanne l. vinson is a sensitive and gracious facilitator of the healing arts utilizing guided meditation, visualization, and mindful creative practice as primary tools to engage both the intellect and the human spirit. suzanne’s soul work gathering folks is invitational with a sincere intention that those who gather release burdens and fears of expectations and begin to engage in self care with a table set as a creative banquet. suzanne helps open the heart for self healing. she engages people at the depth of her core for the healing energy of the world to manifest.

suzanne’s retreats and gatherings center on the present moment while drawing from our limitless internal resources to empower and encourage. she invites you to show up fully, to embrace an open heart in a welcoming space, and to engage pure listening to the voice within and the voices of those gathered. suzanne is a gatherer who feeds your soul.

suzanne holds a Master of Education from Mississippi College and a Master of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA. she has facilitated bereavement groups, retreats, and studio gatherings during the last twelve+ years, and finds group facilitation to be endlessly fascinating and rewarding. she has led mindfulness retreats for young adult cancer survivors, healthcare staff, and faith-based community groups. suzanne leads weekly mindfulness + creativity sessions for students at the VCU Medical Center campus as an adjunct faculty. she holds monthly creative clergy and creativity circle spirituality + mindfulness + creativity groups in her studio. she is an artist & minister. creating art as a practice of self care. suzanne offers her art to others as a means of daily delight and soul care. her art, retreats, and gatherings are creative yoga for the soul.


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