a season of new beginnings.

A new offering in my growing Prayer Card series is the Advent set featured below.  The prayer seems right fitting to share today, on election day, and really, at any point of new beginnings.  Each day can be a new beginning.  Wearing hope today, lighting my candle, and carrying this prayer in my pocket.


Advent Prayer Cards and Blessing Buttons Available here.

In this season of new beginnings,
may hope give you wings to soar.
May you be encircled by love.
May Joy fill you with delight.
May peace be in each breath.
May you discover light and beauty
in this shimmering season of
hope, love, joy, and peace.


Holiday Mixed Media Canvas Custom Art

I’m so happy to be offering a limited number of Mixed Media Canvas Originals to you for the Holidays.  You can request custom colors, words, and images to be incorporated into your canvas delights.  For these canvases, current turn around is 3-4 weeks.  To get on the list, each canvas is $175 for a 12×12 and $150 for a 10×10.  these are a beautiful blend of abstract and dreamscape, story and image.  email slsvinson @ gmail.com (no spaces) with your request.  xo.

soul care becomes soul work becomes ministry.

i make art as soul care.

Creating is as natural and necessary as breathing.  There maybe tears mixed with watercolors on a few, too. My soul care always moves into my work in the etsy shop. Shen i hear stories of connection, how the art translates into courage, hope, bravery, support, healing, love, action in the hands and on the walls of others, my soul care becomes soul work and we become connected through it all. My art is my ministry and your use of my art/soul work/ministry becomes your soul care/soul work/ministry, too.

we heal one another.

Healing begins as I pick up my pen, pencil, brush, allow my soul to stir on the page. Then the courageous act of sharing what I’ve put down on paper and boldness to believe you’ll use my soul work well in daily living. My art is act of necessity as i process my own grief and delight, hope and courage.

my art creates space for ritual and rest. healing and wholeness.  

Temporary tattoos become bodily badges of self love and self care and mighty declarations.  Candles hold a flickering flame of hope, courage, and intercession.  Sacred strikes help us to pick up a match, strike in celebration or release.  Art with wise words call our attention toward living a whole life, honoring who we are and what we have to offer the world around us.

we are living whole. 

We are called to be a people of wholeness, living not only for ourselves, but in community.  Whole living for me includes each of you.  Whole living includes honoring rest for my chronic fatigue, showing up with what energy I have to offer, and being present to those who show up with me.

gathering is ministry. 

Today I will gather with some beautiful women around the table.  We will see each other and be seen.  We will celebrate life and beauty, grieve,  and be.  It’s soul work to create together in such community.  It’s whole living with open hearts.  It’s a sacred tablescape of love, learning, and support as we minister to one another.


What we most need.


breathe in.  giving yourself what you most need.

breathe out.  release what you carry that no longer serves you.

These words have become a near-requirement for the guided imagery meditations i lead.  one of the tribe who gathers said that she can finally let go once she’s heard these words.

I repeat this mantra on a regular basis.  So often we’re receiving words, touches, energy that is unwelcome.  Often our own thoughts churn and swirl, carrying us into a dizzying whirlpool.

In many of my gatherings, I’ll often hear “but I don’t know what I most need” and I can relate.  Sometimes what we most need is the breath itself.  Taking the deep breath into our bodies, stilling and slowing our pace.  Making room for that life-giving air.

When I find myself overly anxious or caught in my thought whirlpool, I breathe in.  And breathe out.   Repeating those breaths for 4 or 5 seconds on repeat 4 or 5 or 25 times.  Whatever is most needed in that moment.

By taking the time to ask myself what is most needed, I become more attune to my needs just as I am of the needs around me.  If you’re anything like me, the needs of everyone around me catch my attention and I put myself on hold.  And if you’re aware, you know that does not properly serve life around you.  Caring for our bodies, our minds, and our inner lives is so important, especially in the climate of anxiety and uncertainty.  And when isn’t there a climate of anxiety and uncertainty?

So today, I breathe in. breathing in the light that flows from the sun.  breathing in the smell of fresh flowers.  breathing in the soil as i ground my feet.  And I breathe out. breathing out the distasteful comments heard.  breathing out fear. breathing out the questions that do not need to be asked.  A

And I go about my day.  What we most need is often right in front of us, and most often we know what that is – whatever it is.  Yet we keep it near, in some reserved space for later or when we have more time.  The time is now to breathe in. breathe out. and give yourself what you most need.

Lunch – because, how many of us find ourselves working through?
Water – yes. water.  so simple and wonderful for our daily health.
Steps – moving our bodies in all the forms.
Sitting meditation – yes. yes.
Playing – using our bodies and minds to find delight and joy.

Wherever you find yourself in this moment.  I invite you to deepen your awareness of this moment by breathing deeply and giving yourself what you most need.  xo.

Spring Bada Bing in RVA THIS Saturday

for my Richmond, VA folks and you all close enough to travel, i’ll be vending THIS Saturday, april 16th as a part of the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Spring Bada Bing craft show.  this show is among my favorites, and i’m excited to share a taste of “Awardinary” award ribbons, unicorns, and new wisdom cards among other goods.


come on out and say hello, grab your pint, and shop happy art.  xo.

the phoenix soul.

the phoenix soul is an indie online magazine & community that gives you glimpses of the Sacred, provides gentle Spirit whispers, and dances as you connect to the “yes. yes. yes” of the stories within.  i am honored to contribute to this publication.  writing for each issue has been rhythmic and renewing.  i am amazed what flows onto paper as i sit with my hot mug near and let the words pour out of me.  i find myself ever so thankful for this writing practice, which i long for.  give yourself a small treat each issue for the investment of $6 and you’ll receive your downloadable PDF that you can tap into as often as you have need.  enjoy, loves.  as a staff writer, the words are my gift to you.  i am an affiliate, and if you use my link, a portion of each sale is returned to me.



when we gather, magic happens.

we will gather around the table tuesday, february 23rd for a mini-retreat around the theme of gentleness in the warm, gentle glow of the studio’s evening lights.

mini retreats $35 per person. all materials provided. a light snack and beverages provided. ((gluten and dairy free))

you may send payment via paypal to slsvinson@gmail.com or pay in-person.

:: what to expect at a mini-retreat ::
when you gather at the table, you are greeted with opening words from a poem, a time to light candle(s), and a time to pause and consider what you hope for. we begin with deep breathing and guided meditation as we move into our time of retreat. deepening the relaxation, we create together, with a project suzanne leads us into from the guided meditation. everyone, at every comfort level of creativity from none to great, feels comfortable diving into the creaive play. converation, readings, and poetry and questions are interwoven during our creative play. what is shared is sacred and just right for the evening gathering. you’ll leave more relaxed than you entered, with more energy and care to share with those in your world. there’s magic, too, along with the mystery and soul work that is best experienced than explained. xo.

:: upcoming dates for women’s mini retreats ::
march 22nd 6:30 – 9 p.m.
april 26th 6:30 – 9 p.m.
may 24th 6:30 – 9 p.m.
june 11th 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. sacred pause day retreat $145 per person
:: upcoming dates for clergywomen’s mini retreats & day retreat ::
february 26th 10 a.m. – Noon
march 25th 10 a.m. – Noon
april 16th 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.   saturday day retreat $85 per person
april 22nd 10 a.m. – Noon
may 27th 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. half-day retreat $65 per person

Everything has a deep dream by Rachel Naomi Remen

Everything has a deep dream

I’ve spent many years learning how to fix life, only to discover at the end of the day that life is not broken.

There is a hidden seed of greater wholeness in everyone and everything. 
We serve life best when we water it and befriend it. When we listen before we act. 

In befriending life, we do not make things happen according to our own design.

We uncover something that is already happening in us and around us and create conditions that enable it.

Everything is moving toward its place of wholeness always struggling against odds.

Everything has a deep dream of itself and its fulfillment.

by Rachel Naomi Remen


this poem is one of my favorites.  it’s tucked into my pocket, in books, in bags.  i’ve shared it with folks when i feel it’s the right moment to do so, which has been in all the places and spaces of my table gatherings through this winter season.  her words pour over my head like oil.  the anointing of blessing washes over me.  i trust that you, too, feel the love poured onto your head and the truths wash over you.  her words are wisdom.  wisdom that we need to remind ourselves of time and again.

you should read rachel’s books ((or listen to her audiobooks)) if you haven’t already.  Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings can be found through her lovely site.   i’ve read each and carry a couple of her essays in my pocket, too.  it’s time to re-read, too, or maybe listen to rachel through her voice, as i’ll be listening to her recorded and shared teleconferences & videos ((also on her site)) over the coming months. she’s such a gift.


december 22nd in-studio mini-retreat <<>>

december 22nd in-studio mini-retreat <<<new date>>>  

i never enjoy changing dates at the last minute, especially when illness causes me to do so.  tomorrow night’s planned gathering is being moved to next tuesday night.  my sincere apologies to those who were excited and i hope you’re able to hold your excitement close and attend next week.  xo.

beautiful you 5x7

a little bright lift for you and yours.  hello, beautiful you.  a 5×7 print included in every 2016 monthly calendar order.  silvertreeart.etsy.com has fun treats for you and yours.  USPS says to ship by 12.18 to have your goods arrive on time, so order away and quickly.  xo.




the big shows saturday + Atlas Holiday Market First Friday tonight

hello, beautiful you.  i hope that these words find you in a space of warmth and comfort, sipping something tasty with your feet propped up.  if not, i hope you can pause and savor even the thought of such indulgence.

at the holiday shows, shops, and in the studio, you’ll find fresh framed original works, prints, wisdom cards, 2016 monthly calendars, and soul care goods.  i. am. so. excited. to share these with you.  i have made each in the hopes that they add such delight and wonder to your world.  come and see me.  virtually in the silver tree art etsy shop + instagram @slsvinson if you cannot in person.  there will be online specials SATURDAY only, bringing the show goodness to you.  xo.

:: Holiday Open Studio + Ginter Park Show ::
in the studio THIS WEEKEND is the annual Holiday Open Studio as a part of the Ginter Park Show with over 40 artisans.  it’s going to be an amazing fine art show.  i have over 15 framed original works that are being offered for the first time.  i’m giddy with excitement.   LGRA Building, 3421 Hawthorne Avenue, upstairs studio 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. free admission

:: Handmade Holiday ::
at Hardywood Craft Park is the Richmond Craft Mafia’s annual Handmade Holiday show featuring over 45 local and regional indie craft vendors.  jenn will have silver tree art the goods and another 10 smaller framed original works for sale.
10 a.m. $5 early bird fee  11 a.m. – 5 p.m. free admission

:: december open studio hours ::  
jenn and i welcome you to the studio during these times
monday, dec. 7th 9:15 – 2
tuesdaydec. 8th 9:15-2
wednesdaydec. 9th 9:15-12
thursdaydec. 10th 9:15-2
wednesdaydec. 16th 9:15-2
(( additional times available by appointment. ))

:: Orange Richmond ::
Orange Richmond has a large assortment of original canvas works and silver tree art goods.  you’ll find your holiday delights from me and over 70 other local and regional artists in Carytown next to World of Mirth.

:: Atlas Holiday Market ::
ART 180 will host an opening party for the Atlas Holiday Market today Friday, December 4, during First Fridays Art Walk, from 6-9 p.m. The reception is family friendly and open to the public and includes festive food and entertainment. At 7:30 p.m., ART 180 teens will perform new poems collaboratively written in a recent program. Atlas is located at 114 W. Marshall St. in Jackson Ward. The market will remain open MondayFriday from 10-5 p.m. through Friday, December 18.  
sending warmth and appreciation for all of you.  xo.