the wise tribe

wisdom is meant to be a shared practice.  you listen, ponder, and receive the words that are meant to be yours.  for years you’ve sent me messages and notes about which of my daily wisdomwise tribe notes speaks to you.  you speak to my soul.  please continue to share with me your stories, and share images of your wisdom cards in the spots where you keep them in your daily living.  you’re invited to re-post the #dailywisdom images on instagram, your blog, FB, and your wider world.  please tag me @slsvinson ((on instagram)) and use #thewisetribe, and/or offer credit to me, suzanne l. vinson.  agree.  disagree.  rephrase.  share your wisdom story and how the words/image relate to you and your journey.

seeking wisdom is a shared experience, so let’s journey together digging deeper along the way.  some wisdom notes are found from that whisper echoing from within. others from words found through poetry, song lyrics, an essay on npr.  some wisdom happens when you simply “wake up knowing” and others at the end of the day before bed.

seeking wisdom began in 2012 when i wanted to listen.  to really listen to the voice within that held knowing, yet i’d not listen.  i’d dismiss what i knew, convincing myself i didn’t really know.  only to find through mistakes i <<< did >>> know.  i had a clue.  so i began to listen and trust.  oh, the transition to trust myself was so hard.  it felt unfamiliar.  yet felt good and comforting.  over time, the practice became bolder.  and i began receiving comments from my daily wisdom posts.  folks claimed their wisdom saying, “this is for me!” over time, requests were made for me to produce my wisdom cards for others.  and thus, my own art was transformed and has blossomed so much along the way.

my work continues to grow and encircle many.  i’m inviting you to be a visible, tangible part of the wise tribe.  you are a part of this, gathering with me around the table in the studio and in your homes.

together, we are the wise tribe.



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